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In Event of Loss

In the event you suffer a loss, your safety is the primary concern. Once addressed, report your claim to Wellington as soon as possible. The earlier Wellington learns of your claim, the quicker it can get you on the road to recovery.

Disclaimer: The advice contained herein is by no means exhaustive and may or may not be effective to ensure satisfaction of your policy’s conditions. The implementation of any one suggestion is at your discretion and judgment. You are encouraged to analyze your policy to determine the precise conditions that must be followed after a loss. Any questions following such analysis should be directed to your Agent.

  • Determine whether your damaged and undamaged property is safe. This includes looking for new risks that arose as a result of the cause of loss. Seek professional advice in the event of uncertainty.
  • Make a list and/or take pictures/video of the observed damage. Remember: the more documentation, the better.
  • Report the loss to your Agent, Wellington (see the “Contact Us” link) and/or the appropriate emergency responder (e.g. the police in the event of loss by theft; the fire department if a fire loss).
  • Take steps to mitigate further loss. This may include, for example, making reasonable temporary repairs (e.g. using a tarp to cover an exposed roof; covering broken windows).
  • Stay informed. For instance, know whether a particular storm continues to present danger.
  • In the event your residence is uninhabitable, analyze your policy and/or ask your Agent whether you have coverage for additional living expenses.

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